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100% Organic whole leaves, loose or in pyramid tea bags

About us

Our Products:


  • Whole Leaf White, Oolong, Green and Black teas from prominent organic gardens in Darjeeling, Assam and Coonoor. There are nine varieties in these category.

  • Chemical-free herbal teas (tisanes) using the herbs grown in the footholds of Himalaya. There are five varieties in this category including Tulsi, Tulsi-Rhododendron, Chamomile-Lemongrass, Nettle-Lemongrass and Spices (mixture of Oregano, Tulsi, Thyme, Cinnamon and Mint).
  • Teas flavored with natural fruit essences, flowers, spices and herbs. There are fourteen flavored varieties to suit individual's taste buds while retaining the health benefits of the base tea.
  • These teas are either available in a box of 20 pyramid shaped tea bags, or in loose form in 100, 50 or 25 gms packets.

  • There are also Combo Packs containing smaller quantities of four varieties of teas. These packs are available both for pyramid shaped tea bags as well as loose teas.
  • There are specially designed Gift Packs containing 12 pyramid tea bags, or a combination of loose tea, pyramid shaped tea bags and special types of tea accessories.


Budwhite Teas also offers a set of tea infusers/strainers that simplify the brewing process using loose tea. Using these infusers, you can make your own tea using loose tea leaves of your choice in the office also as long as you get hot water. 


You have the convenience of purchasing our teas online from our portal Additionally, Budwhite Teas is establishing partnerships with various institutional and retail outlets, specially focusing on the institutes linked with health and wellness.


Budwhite Teas have a set of specially designed gift boxes that go very well as corporate gifts. Additionally, a variety of corporate gifts around these teas and tea accessories are customized as per client's preference.



Our Quality and Health Focus:


Budwhite Teas is creating a brand around the healthy teas in multiple ways: 


  • Our teas are from reputed organic tea gardens (e.g. MIM of Andrew Yule, Arya Tea Estate, Belseri, Coonoor etc) that provide classical teas. We sell organic tea leaves. Any fruit, spices or flower flavoring that is used is 100% natural.
  • We use only whole leaf teas that retain high amount of anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants fundamentally drive most of the health benefits. The whole leaves don't come in normal tea bags as these require a lot of space for unfurling/expansion during brewing. Therefore, these come either in loose form, or in pyramid shaped tea bags.
  • Since our teas are whole leaf teas, these are to be reused (White tea 2-3 times, Green and Oolong tea 1-2 times, Black and Herbal teas one time) within 6-8 hours. It is infact an international practice to use whole leaf teas multiple times. 
  • Our Herbal teas are made of herbs produced in Himalayan valley. These are chemical-free, and are in large cut. Also these herbs are dried in a natural sunlight as against machine drying that most companies do. As a result, our herbs retain their natural aroma. 
  • We have 35+ varieties of teas covering various types of flavored and gourmet teas. The trend in Europe, Japan and USA is to go more and more for the teas that look different and taste different! We use 100% natural flavoring as against popular 'nature identical' and 'artificial' flavors. Also, our gourmet collection of teas such as Indian Summer, Nature Care, Orange Mint, Arabian Mint, Autumn are in high demand in various cafes and restaurants.
  • The taste of original tea varies significantly from tea garden to tea garden. Also, the teas picked up from the same tea garden over the year vary in taste significantly! Most of the teas available in the market are blended with strong flavored and low cost tea leaves to maintain same taste all throughout the year while optimizing the cost. This is like adding strong spices to various dishes that end-up dominating the taste of the main dish! We, at Budwhite Teas, do not blend teas, and retain the original taste of the teas that may vary time to time.



Our Products