Events and Tea Parties

Premium teas are becoming a trend now. People are becoming more and more health conscious, and organic whole leaf teas are fast catching the attention. However, when it comes to choosing the right teas amongst various options like Whole Leaf, First Flush, Second Flush, Oolong, White, Herbal, Organic etc, you feel a little handicapped and get carried away by the `flavor` of your choice! Also, you often find your green tea bitter, and end up taking it as a medicine!

How about a tea tasting session conducted at a place of your choice where you could invite your friends to taste a varieties of teas, and have an interactive discussion to clear all your doubts! In our tea tasting sessions, we put 6 - 8 teas covering various categories and types:

Classic Range Himalayan Herbal Range Fruit and Flower Teas Spices and Herbal Teas Gourmet Teas
Darjeeling Black Supreme Himalayan Chamomile Lemongrass Mixed Fruit*  Masala Chai* Nature Care* 
Black Elixir Himalayan Nettle Lemongrass Peach*/** Cardamom* Indian Summer**
Assam Black Himalayan Spices Apple Oolong***  Lemon Ginger*   Earl Grey*/**
Darjeeling Green Himalayan Tulsi Lemon Green** Green Chamomile** Orange Mint*
Green Elixir Himalayan Tulsi Rhododendron Vanilla*/** Ginger Green** English Breakfast*
Darjeeling Oolong Herbal Rainbow Mango*/**   English Orchard*/**
Coonoor Oolong Tulsi Lemon Rose*     Autumn*
Darjeeling White Dry Peppermint Jasmine**   Arabian Mint*/**
Silver Needle       Safflower Green**
        Assorted Berries**
*: Black tea as the base **: Green tea as the base ***: Oolong tea as the base    

To make it a unique experience for your guests, a `Budwhite Tea Gift Set` containing a sample of multiple varieties of teas may be distributed at the end of the tea tasting session. The whole session lasts over 1-2 hours.

Contact us at to arrange `Budwhite Tea Tasting Sessions` for you.