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100% Organic whole leaves, loose or in pyramid tea bags
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Himalayan Nettle-Lemongrass
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Nettle is good for arthiritis/gout, allergies, kidneys, enlargement of prostaglandins and iron deficiency. Lemongrass is good for Cough, cold, fever, relaxation, and it lowers BP. Chemical and pesticide free herbs grown in the Kumaon Himalayan region, rich in minerals and naturally free from pollution and dusty environment. These are in large cuts that provide exquisite taste and aroma. Nettle Lemongrass is also a good option to make Ice tea.

Product Features: Organically grown Himalayan Herbs, Rich in minerals, Large Cut, Naturally Dried

Ingredients: Nettle and Lemongrass in large cut


Brewing Instructions: Boil water, and allow it to cool to 99 degree C. Pour water over teabag and steep for 4-5 minutes. Reuse teabag one more time as large cut herbs don't release all the extracts during first brewing (unlike tea dust). 

Nettle Lemongrass tea supports general well being, strengthens and counters multiple weaknesses due to nutritional deficiencies of today’s city life.

Nettle helps against arthritis/gout, allergies and enlargement of prostaglandins. As per some reports, people with iron deficiency are advised to keep some gap between their meal and nettle tea as nettle reduces iron absorption in the body.

Lemongrass is good for cough, cold and fever. It also lowers BP. 

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