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100% Organic whole leaves, loose or in pyramid tea bags
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Tea Infuser - Steel Cup Galvano Cautery - NFSC81
Price: Rs.420.00
SKU Number: NFSC81
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A cup shaped tea infuser that can be put on most of the teapots/kettles. Tea leaves are put in the cup. The water level in the teapot/kettle should be enough so that tea leaves in the infuser are immersed. The teapot/kettle can be closed in the usual manner, The infuser is taken out after the tea is brewed, while tea leaves remain inside the infuser. The tea leaves in the infuser can be easily reused by repeating the same process. Suitable for many cups of tea depending upon the size of teapot/kettle.

The infuser is Galvano-Cautery type which is different from wire mesh. It is made by making fine holes in steel plate. It looks very stylish.

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