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1. Tea leaves are of four basic varieties: Black, Green, Oolong and White. Oolong, derived from Chinese word wu-long, teas are semi-oxidized teas, having combined properties of Green and Black teas, and are most popular for their fat reduction/slimming/detox properties.
2. These are whole leaf Oolong tea grown in organic tea gardens in Darjeeling region havng a natural aromatic flavor and taste associated with Darjeeling teas. There are no other herbs or spices added to the tea.
3. There are many research papers and articles on slimming/weight loss properties of Oolong teas  that are available online.
4. Three to four cups of Oolong teas should be taken every day to get best results. Oolong tea is best taken half an hour before any meal. It can also be taken at any other time.
5.This Oolong tea is Whole leaf tea as against Broken Leaf, Fanning or Dust. Whole leaf teas release their extracts slowly, and are therefore reused 2-3 times. It uses only bud and two leaves which is called 'Premium pluck'. It is organically produced without using any chemicals and pesticides.