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1. Sencha Japanese Green Tea is an aromatic tea, prepared using a Japanese method of processing Green tea by decoction. The fine tea leaves are handpicked and then steamed for between 30-45 seconds as early as they are harvested to prevent the oxidation of the leaves. Thereafter, the leaves are lightly rolled, shaped and dried.
2. Sencha Japanese Green tea has golden/neon green liquor and light and vegetal/grass aroma bordering between ‘bitter-sweet’ in taste.
3. Sencha is a very popular drink in Japan, and it is drunk hot in the winter and chilled in the summer.
4.Japanese Sencha is Whole leaf tea as against Broken Leaf, Fanning or Dust. Whole leaf teas release their extracts slowly, and are therefore reused 2-3 times
5. Sencha Green Tea uses only bud and two leaves which is called 'Premium pluck'.
It is organically produced without using any chemicals and pesticides.

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